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Jan 14, 2004
Hawkinsville, GA
Who did your V8 conversion? I am wanting to do the same with my 62. What are your feeling on a carbed 350 swap? I have mechanics here who would undertake this but they will not undertake a computerized conversion. Any help is appreciated!!
I did my conversion and it only took me about 2 years :doh:. Lots of people have put standard 350s and automatics in all kinds of rigs. I would think that a shop that does engine conversions would have no problems with this kind of swap. Other people on this board will know more about it than me. A fuel injection swap gets more complicated...especially the newer the engine and its electronics and PCM. There are getting to be more people that sell new harnesses or modify stock ones for conversions. There are also more people that can program the anti theft out of the PCM's so you can get your engine started. I went with fuel injection for the coolness factor, the technology factor, the better fuel milage factor, the slightly cleaner to the environment factor, and the fact that I can't even turn the idle screw on a lawnmower engine without totally messing up the carb. :D :D

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