Vortec swap with manual trans.

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May 3, 2009
Hello, I am new to this forum.
I have been reading alot about swapping a tbi set-up with the vortec set-up. The one question I can never seem to find is how it affects the tranny. The set-up is from a 99 tahoe automaitc. It will go into a 93 k1500 manual. I think there is a shift light on the dash. Its ok if that does not function but would prefer it does for the wifes sake. I know part of the harness goes to the trans but but what it does, I dont know. How many plug-ins are on the manual trans vs. the auto, I dont know either.

Also any books or write ups about the swap using a manual would be helpfull.

Nice site!!!
You will need to make sure the VSS is connected and also the flywheels differ of course. Also there is one plug for the manual tranny that indicates reverse. As for the Auto you need to know what is in it first. The Shift indicator runs off the ECU and registers RPM/load.

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