Volunteer day for Swap Meet Venue this Sat July 9th

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Jun 15, 2013
We can help the Lincolnia Park Recreation Center prep a 600 ft sq area for a concrete slab this Saturday in exchange for free use of the grounds for our Swap Meet. We'll need a group to help of at least 5 guys, and nothing wrong with a few more. We'll start at 8:00 to beat the heat. Should take 3-4 hours I would estimate. No need to bring anything other than personal work gloves. I will have everything we need there. We will excavate the area, (done mostly by bobcat), form the outside edge and place about 5 yards of #57 gravel. Thats, it so with good help it can go quick.
I will check my schedule.
By the way, for those who are not aware of the background for this work, this is the venue for our swap meet and truck show, scheduled for 24 September. We offered to do this work in trade for free use of the recreation center grounds for the foreseeable future.
I'm going ahead and confirming with them as they need to do somethings on their end to be ready, like arrange a gravel delivery. I'm guessing it's safe to say we can scrounge up a few more guys for this. If not, the club will have to pay wages to a couple of my Latinos to fill in. Regardless it's a great deal for us, as the venue and location are perfect for our needs.
I'm in.
I'm in but I want to drive the Bobcat
I'm in but I want to drive the Bobcat

I think it's more like this.... Not as fun as a big Bobcat. But maybe Jeff will let you ride on top like those mechanical horses out front of the grocery store.

Actually Patrick is spot on with the picture. I sold my Caterpillar sit down bobcat and have a near new walk behind. It is way better of a machine. Much more powerful than a sit down skid steer and it starts every day. Anyone who wants can have a whirl with her. Basically, other than setting the forms and pushing a few wheelbarrows, we can all just about stand around and watch the machine do all the work. Sounds like we have a decent turnout already. Why don't we plan to have a post work day meeting to plan the swap meet and stake out the venue for September. It's about time we get moving on this and make it a big success.
Blast! I already promised a buddy I would help him do some tear down on his house that day. I'll be sweating in rural VA instead of watching a bobcat(of questionable coolness) while wearing work gloves.
Plan will be to meet at my house by 8 and head over together. If you arrive and we have bugged out, it's around the corner at the Lincolnia Park recreational Center on Montrose road, adjacent to Holmes Middle School. I'll have drinks and ice ready
I have a loaded cooler of iced drinks so no need to bring anything. We should be done by lunch, so we can hit five guys or something after work detail.

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