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Feb 7, 2004
Brisvagas (Australia)
When doing a night run by 1AM the battery on my 60 was that low
I would not start and had to be tow started. Doing some testing I noticed
When I am sitting on 2000 RPM my battery reads 12V exactly.

When I do the same on my Subaru its 13.6 volts.

1: Is the voltage regulator adjustable?
2: If so how do I?
3: If not do I have to replace it?
4: Or ss it working ok and I am worried about nothing?
Feb 27, 2004
First, to my knowledge, a 60 series voltage regulator isn't adjustable. They're pretty cheap, and easy to change however, and I always carry a spare.

If you had a power draw when you were testing your voltage output, you definately should have been pulling more than 12volts. The factory manual "no load performance test" says that you should see between 13.8-14.8volts, and 10amps, with engine speed between idling and 2000rpm. For a "load performance test", turn on your headlights, and all accessories, and you should get a reading at 2000rpm of between 13.8-14.8volts, and 30amps.

I'd bet your regulator is fried. There's a charging system inspection procedure outlined in the 2F engine manual (1980-1987) which helps diagnose where the problem is.


Club 4X4 Panamá
Apr 4, 2003
First check your batt under charge ( batt center ) then check your alternator and at last, your V regulator .. is pass a charge to your system on demmand. If your batt are right charget it pass only the amount of V that you need ..

For proper function of your V box, when you start your TLC por example in the morning, it pass most charge to replace the lost charge by the batt in the start of your engine .. when your batt come to normal charge it drom a little the amount of V
Aug 17, 2005
The brushes in the alternator also wear out, and then it won't charge. Brushes are cheap, <$10 at a good auto parts store. Putting them in is a bit of work, you need a soldering iron. But it costs a lot less than an alternator.

I always carry a spare set.


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