voltage 6 wire diagram

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Dec 1, 2007
I order a voltage reg from Toyota I needed a 6wire somebody cut the old wire so there is no plug on the harness . Can somebody help me with what colors that goes with harness on voltage reg


What year truck? Looks like a '78, unless that regulator has been relocated.

Edit: I don't know what your new regulator has, but the stock regulator looks to only need WG, BY, and WB. You may need to identify what wires you have at the regulator and where they connect in the regulator. You could open it up and identify the leads, or perhaps the information can be found online if you can identify the part number of the new regulator.
78 WD.jpg
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On a '78 the VR is a 3 wire. You have there a 6 wire ('79 and later) for the Canadian market with a round plug. Other markets have a rectangular plug.
connector for Canada.jpg

You only need the IGN, F and E terminals.
White/Black to E terminal
White/green to F terminal
Black/Yellow to IGN terminal

The other 3 terminals are for a "no charge" light on the dash set up.
L is for Lamp. B is for battery and N (Null) goes to "79 and later alternator

Have fun!

connector for Canada.jpg
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Need to know which wire goes where

What are the wire colors that you have?
What year is your truck?
USA market?
I've to look up a diagram for your Cruiser.

The problem is the new voltage haves six wire and I only need to use 3 wires out of the six but which 6 do I use

I asked you for your wire colors.

I'll give you the colors from a 6 wire VR (not specific your truck)

White/Yellow -► F
Black/Yellow -► IGN
Yellow/White -► L
White/Blue -► B
White/Blue -► N
White/Black -► E

The pin location in your oval connector is the same as the round connector is the same as the rectangular connector.

As there are 2 White/Blue wires you have to figure out which one is which.
Check with an ohm meter which White/Blue wire comes from the alternator N terminal and which White/Blue wire comes from the B terminal.
DON"T mix those 2 wires.

I understand now but which way is up on my connector to match the 6 wire drawing
Blue white
White black
Green white
Black yellow

Sounds to me that you've the wrong VR. You have the wiring for a 3wire VR
White/Blue stripe (not Blue/White) is for the battery circuit and has nothing to do with the VR.

White/Black stripe -► E
White/Green stripe (and not Green/White) -► F
Black/Yellow stripe -► IGN

If you want to use the one that you have, flip it 180 so that the notch in the center is on top.
In your picture it's on the bottom.

I recommend to send the VR back and order the right one.
This my aftermarket spare 3wire VR
3 wire VR connector male.JPG

3 wire VR connector male.JPG
Some late 78 US spec models had the 6 wire voltage regulator. I would suspect that they are wired on the charging circuit somewhat like a '79 model but I can't say for sure. 79 models had cats, etc. I have a Canadian spec 12/78 wiring harness with a six wire VR

What is the build date of your 40?
Ok I hear the volt meter click on when I put the positive cable on the battery start truck plus the choke let it warm upcoming choke in a truck dies
That doesn't sound like a VR problem. More like distributor/carb issue.

The "reman" 78 voltage regulators from the dealership are brand new. I bought two about six months ago.
Just let everybody know when I was working on it blew a fuse that why it would not stay running . Replace fuse and now it stays running. One more quick question so when I put my volt meter on the battery when idle it reads 12.05 than when I rev it and hold it steady at a high Rpm it start climbing on the volt that means everything is working correctly am I right

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