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Jan 11, 2003
I'll be in the Bellingham area first then down to Auburn and Puyallup area's for the month of April.  I'll be looking for a Brake master cylinder for a '82 FJ60 as well as spare hood. The hood can be pretty rough as I'll just be chopping it up some but would like the hinges and front latch areas to be undamaged. Also looking for 2.5" backset rims in the 10"x15" range as well as 2.5"x12"x15" & 16".  Preferrably used for sake of pocketbook.  Full sets of 5 each.  Will be looking into Uni-mog axles for brother as well.  Possibly looking for tires in the larger sizes.  Anyone in Washington St. that has parts or info. on how and where to find please e-mail me at            Thank-you

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