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Apr 24, 2012
Virginia Beach, VA
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  1. LX470
23452 Virginia Beach Virginia, United States
Well, I'm a little wishy washy. I was going to keep and get rid of my 80, but I'm having trouble parting with the 80, so I'll post it again. I've priced it lower so hopefully it moves and I can make my wife happy. It's really nice and extremely comfortable, but I'm definitely more of a utilitarian kind of guy.

For sale I have a 2005 Lexus LX470 with 194,050. I'll give a quick back story. A friend of mine bought this 3 years ago and kept very good records and started the base lining process, but then he needed to sell it to help fund his wedding. I bought it for my wife and finished the base lining process. After having it for a couple of months and (not being able to drive it because getting an appt for the DMV in Virginia during Covid time sucks) my wife decided that she wanted to do everything to her 4runner that I just did to the LX. So now the LX needs to go. I treated this truck like it was my baby. I have replaced everything to make it mechanically sound and give us a reliable 100k miles before I had to do anything else to it. It also does not have AHC anymore. A line blew and I decided to do a lift instead. Every component for the AHC is still on the truck except for the shocks (obviously). It does have a clean Carfax and Lexus dealer maintenance records. It spent the first part of its life in Delaware so it did have some oxidation on some stuff. The frame had some spots on the welds, but I wire brushed or wheeled the spots, treated them with a rust inhibitor and POR15'd them. Anything that I didn't like I fixed. There was no rot present anywhere. The back lift gate had some rust in it, which as I understand is sometimes typical, so I replaced it with another lift gate. The only dent in the body is on the tailgate by the inside latch. It is not noticeable with the lift gate closed. The body does have a some scratches and some paint chips. My friend had the hood and front fenders painted do to rock chips and the hood has a paint run on the hood on the very front above the headlight. I still have the running boards, front bumper and the original lift gate. The interior is in fair condition to me. The drives seat is in good shape, but the passenger seat is starting to come apart at the seams. It also has a small tear in the left side bolster. The carpet is in good shape and it is covered by Weathertech mats on all 3 rows. The back seats are clean as well as the 3rd row seats. The headliner in the very back at the top has small tears where it looks like someone tried to put a table in the back and it was a bit too wide. All of the interior lights work and they all have been replaced with LED's. The dash lights all function including the "D" drive light. The navigation and CD changer work as they should and it has a BT-45 Bluetooth that works great. All mirrors, windows and sunroof work as they should as well as the heated seats and all functions of the power seats work. I will include everything that I have replaced in the last 500 miles. $15,500 obo

Aisin Timing belt, water pump, pulleys, hoses, thermostat
Heater T's
Aisin coolant
Serpentine belt, and idler pulleys
Timing cover bolts all replaced with factory parts
Denso iridium plugs
Mobil 1 full synthetic oil change
Fuel filter
Air filter
Evap hoses replaced with OEM parts
Misc. factory clamps were replaced
Power steering vacuum hoses were replaced with OEM parts
Diff fluid replaced with full synthetic

Suspension & tires
OME shocks
OME 2860 rear springs
Ironman torsion bars
Ironman diff drop
Front and rear sway bar end links
275-70-18 Falken Wildpeak AT's plus a matching fullsize spare

Bosch Ceramic pads front and rear
Bosch rotors
E-brake completely rebuilt with new shoes and hardware
E-brake cables #1 and #2 (#2 not installed)

Ironman bumper
Smittybuilt XRC 9500# winch
Hella lights (on truck, not wired)
VIAIR 280C air compressor (not installed)

Truck vault storage box
New CD magazine
20% window tint
Weather tech mats
Newer skid plates
Snorkel (not installed)

I will post as many pictures as possible and can send more to anyone if needed.





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Dec 2, 2013
A few questions:

1. Do you have the title?
2. Has it ever been in an accident?
3. How much lift did the new suspension give you?

Apr 24, 2012
Virginia Beach, VA
I’m going against my wife’s wishes and dropping to $16,500. I don’t know if I’ll go much lower than that. I feel like it’s worth it. I actually love driving it (more than my 80), but I don’t think I can bring myself to sell my 80. I don’t think I will ever find another rust free, under 200k 80 for what I have in it if I tried. Not gonna lie, I’ve thought about it though. I’m available to talk most anytime so PM me for a number and I’m always up to show it. Thanks.

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