SOLD Virginia: 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
United States
$11,500 OBO
August 2020 Front.jpg

Reason for Sale: I have only brought it out on the trail four times in the 2.5 years that I have owned it. I had intended to drive cross country on the Trans-America Trail, but that didn't happen. I am a member of the Capital Land Cruiser Club, and intended to be more active as I've been. I plan to purchase another 100 series LC, that hasn't been modified, to pull my VW Camper Bus and camp with the CLCC crew on future outings.

- ARB Front Bumper
- Warn 10k capable Winch
- Front Fog Lights
- 2” Lift
- 35” tires Toyo M/T Open Country
- New 35” Spare Tire
- XB Series Wheels
- XB Series Wheel for Spare Tire
- The Source SPOD switch control system for 6 switches. One switch controls the fog lights.
- Snorkel
- Rhino Lined the Hood
- Rhino Lined Roof
March 9, 2018
- Purchased in Knoxville, TN
- Transmission replaced.
- Drive shaft seals into the transfer case replaced.
- All new fluids & filters.
- Mileage: 224,840
April 30, 2018
- Joined the Toyota Land Cruiser Association
- Joined the Capital Land Cruiser Club.
May 10, 2019
- Fails inspection.
- Lower Ball Joint replaced (driver & passenger)
- Upper Adjustable Arm replaced (forget which side)
- Inner Tie Rod (driver & passenger)
- Front Wheel Bearings replaced (driver & passenger)
- Rear Sway Bar End Link Bushing Kit (both sides)
- Rack & Pinion Bushing Kit
- Front-end Alignment
- Passes Inspection
- Mileage: 234,050
June 3, 2019
- New Master Key purchased.
July 8, 2020
- Passes Inspection
- Mileage: 239171
- Transmission Mileage: 14,331
Work that needs to be done
- The Sunroof works but leaks.
- Passenger axle boot needs to be replaced.
- I took the Land Cruiser on Peter’s Mill Loop 4 times. No issues at all. Totally impressed with the Land Cruiser’s capabilities.
- I took the Land Cruiser on Tasker’s Gap 1 time. On this trip I turned onto an ATV trail, which was scary for me, but low and slow the Land Cruiser proved once again how capable it was. No issues at all, however I did put some scratches in the paint. Also, the rear wind deflector was torn off.

My Goal: To sell my Land Cruiser at a fair price, so that someone can get wheeling and use it as intended by the modifications made to it.

I will upload more pics, and especially of the undercarriage.



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