VIP security system audible signal?

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Jan 7, 2008
Southeastern VA
So, I went out to my truck yesterday morning and went to unlock it with the keyless fob and in addition to the the lights flashing twice to notify me that it is unlocked it also chirped twice. At first, I was skeptical and thought, "maybe it is a bird" so I locked it and it chirped once. I then unlocked it and got the double chirp. This was the first time it has ever done that in the 3 months that I have owned it and I specifically asked the previous owner if it had an audible signal and he said no, just the lights. Of course, it did not do it the rest of the day. Then this morning is happened again when I first went out to the truck, but not when I got to work and locked it. Is it suppose to do that and what might be the reason that it is all of a sudden starting to work, but only in the mornings? Is it messing with me??
You could search... But yes, there is an audible chirp for lock and double chirp for unlock.

The 'beeper' is wrapped in a 'cylinder' of sponge/foam and sits on the end of a two wire lead and typically 'hangs out' near the driver's side fender where the brake reservoir sits. Mine was tie wrapped in that area.

The beepers die or become intermittent over time. If you want it to work again, pick up the loudest 12V piezo buzzer (with inbuilt driver etc) and splice it into the two wires (polarity is important) and toss the old one.

Radio shack etc is a possible source or on-line stores.

I just replaced my piezo... and that didn't fix the problem.

I soldered it in and everything.

Landtank was saying that his was a bad connection further in the wire harness.

There are two types of setups for the wiring of said piezo:

1-Couple inches of wire off the piezo then an electrical connector
2-Mine and I assume Landtanks, wires go through fire wall into the biggest bundle of wires i've ever seen.

Landtank found those wires, I for the life of me couldnt.

Do I need to cut away the wrap on the wires to chase them or would this sort of thing be contained in an EWD? Yes, I am an electrical moron, the only thing I can do with my ampmeter is tell how many volts something has.

I hate this weird intermittent crap, and yes I like my chirps.

Ps. I'm a designer- translation: I like pictures, cause words are confusing.
Do I need to cut away the wrap on the wires to chase them or would this sort of thing be contained in an EWD?

It is possible that the alarm piezo is detailed in the LX manual since it was a standard feature. On all US spec Land Cruisers the alarm system was port installed and it IS NOT described at all in the EWD. I kinda doubt that you will find it in the EWD though 'cause nobody has ever mentioned it and it is unlikely because the alarm subject has come up many, many times.

Would there be any problem removing the piezo buzzer permanently? I don't like chirps.
I have a TDS security system in my 80. I replaced the battery two days ago and the security system is basically inop. I would like to have it working again for 2 reasons,1) Replacing stock head unit, 2) keyless entry. I have a toggle style kill switch down near my feet on drivers side. When its on the red led stays lit but it doesn't work, anyone know how to make it work again?

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