vinyl seat repair

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Mar 15, 2009
My front driver seat has seen better days and has a few good holes in it and I get roto-rootered evertime I hit a bump so its time for some repadding. I got some nice foam and everything to redo it I'm going to cut the springs in half and put the foam on top. Anyways.. what is the best way to repair pretty good size holes in the side of the seat?

I could spend 200+ for a seat cover but my pockets aren't that deep when there is mechanical work to be done ... I need a moral boost

Thanks in advance!
Is it a 73-78 bucket? if so just find a pass side seat bottom in good condition, take it in and had it steamed and repaired if needed.


the actual seat has holes in it... heres a pic..only one I got here at work
only on the side visible in the pic..

thanks.. im trading them for some cruiser porn this week :)

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