Vintage Air A/C for a 1970 FJ40 with stock F engine?

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Oct 27, 2009
Dallas, TX
I'm thinking of installing A/C on my rebuild. I'm being told its a must to get top Dollar when I want to resell. My FJ40 is a 1970 model, with the more modern options (brake booster, dual brake master cilinder, etc.) My question is, my car has the original F engine, I am having the engine rebuilt, and installing new refbbed alternator, pumps, etc., will the engine suffer with any A/C system, Vintage or CCOT?

Also, for restoration purposes, do purists really reject taking the stock heater system away? For what I see the stock heater is a pain. Also, the heater I have is the one for the 1970 model, not the slicker 80's model. Is the heater motor different? Will that prevent any good A/C installation/operation?

Thanks for your answers!

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