[Video] Is this sound engine knocking (FZJ80 1997)?

Apr 8, 2022
Hello everyone,
It's my first post here from Vietnam, I have been lurking ih8mud for quite a while and recently got a 3rd world speced (mean carburetor, no tach, manual trans, full floating rear etc...) 1997 FZJ80 with 200k km on the ODO (for around 6k USD). After accidentally cracking the air cleaner hose when checking the filter, the engine ran really rough with metal rattle (see video), then I taped the crack with silicon self fusing tape and it ran fine again. I didn't give it much thought until today when checking the ignition timing with my newly bought timing light I found out that the engine is set at 17 degrees! Now I am worrying that I might have destroyed the engine, can someone help me with a couple of questions?
  1. Is the sounds from the video sounds like engine knocking or detonation?
  2. The sounds and vibration disappears when rev-ed to 800 rpm, does that mean my engine is safe when the PO was using it with 17 degree ignition advance?
  3. It's very hard to acquire tools here in Vietnam, is there any quick way to see if the engine has been damaged by detonation/pinging without taking everything apart?

Some more photos of it:




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