Video from Rausch Creek

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Mar 18, 2005
Charles Town, WV
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It's actually 455 MB and 1hr 32 min, WMV format.

Click/Right click, Save, play and Enjoy :)

We had a classic commentator, in some cases I was ROFLMAO.

EDIT: Due to the bandwidth issue I have removed the original links but you can still download it directly from my home page, when ever it is up.
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sweet stuff.
Did I mention that Adelphia sucks?
They suck a big one!
i thought it was great to download it in 15 minutes.
verizon DSL? Yeah, they are basically dial up with web accelerator. They couldn't be any faster even if they had the skinny padel:D
Originally posted by cruiser88
nice driving by the 80

eh, it's all that rear locker! :flipoff2:
Is my antimocity that transparent?
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nice driving by the 80

Thanks! I have driven those trails with open diffs before, at least twice. I love the weight distribution of an 80. It can do amazing things even without lockers.
Felix said:
Is my antimocity that transparent?

Yep it is, I have a 30 year old, heavy duty, non-stopping. rear and front locked, animosity ditector (LOL). but I'm just pulling your chains for fun anyway:D.
No, the 62 was open at both ends with a shackle lift.

The only locked trucks were Riad's 80, Bob's red 40, and Dan's blue 40.

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