vibration during torque transfer

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Feb 9, 2002
me again;

if i'm cruising along at 40-50mph and i let off the gas, i get a short rumble/vibration.
if i then step back on the gas (it can be a gentle application) i get the same short rumble/vibration.

the symptom only lasts a second or so during the torque transfer... but it's annoying.
Been there, look at the drive shaft to flange bolts, pinion nut, u joints, output bearing on TC, drive shaft. Has somthing to do with the RR drivetrain.
Mine acted in a similar fashion when the rear driveshaft splines got worn. Like dd says sounds like rear drive prob.
yeh man make sure everything is good n tight, mine was doing the same thing and had some loose bolts on my drive shaft.

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