Veterans choice program co pay surprise

Nov 6, 2013
For anyone on veteran's choice program be aware that you may have a co pay depending on your status.
I have been getting bills for co pay for my medication because it goes through the VA but my Doctor bills go through Tri West.
I have been going to a local Dr. and Tri West has been paying the bill and seeing as how I never got any co pay billing like I do for meds I stupidly gave it no thought.
Well it finally caught up with me and I got a bill for the passed eleven visits going back to the beginning of 2018.
Called VA billing and was told that they just got the paper work from Tri West.
The lady I talked to was apologetic and said her department received eight thousand back logged co pay billings from Tri West and a large portion of the phone calls has been about the surprise bill.
While I am not complaining about having to pay a co pay as it is still a good deal the one lump sum was a surprise.
So if you are on vets choice and have not received any billings it might be a good idea to check into it.
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