Very subtle shudder in new (to me) LC200

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Jan 18, 2022
Southern California
Hi all, Thrilled new LC200 owner here! I've wanted one for years, and after finally getting fed up with my ever-unreliable range rover, I bit the bullet and found an awesome one-owner white and tan 2013 with only 57K miles, and though it's only been a week, I'm already in love. A new set of mud-worthy shoes are on thier way, as is the factory front spacer kit to level it out. I already have images of rock sliders and roof racks filling my dreams at night, so many fun things to do.

I do have one question though which I couldn't find an answer to, and maybe this is nothing, but I noticed that when I sit at idle in park or neutral (it's not there in drive), there is a very small but cyclical shudder/vibration that appears. It's a low frequency vibration and very subtle, sort of like you're sitting at a table where someone on the other side is bouncing their leg. I got out and popped the hood, and noticed no shuddering or movement from the engine when it occurs, and it's cyclical, so it'll shudder for about 10 seconds, then it goes away for about 20, and it's so slight that you have to pay attention to notice. It seems timed with something occuring underneath though, I hear a click, the rpm raises ever so slightly, the shudder appears, then another click, the rpms drop back down (barely 50 rpm) and the shudder goes away. Thoughts? Am I imagining things?
So I stood there and stared at the AC compressor with a flashlight on it for a solid couple minutes watching it kick on and off, and it doesn't seem to be vibrating..... If I put my hand on the engine cover I don't feel the shudder, but I do feel it when sitting in the front seat. It's really very very slight, if it was constant I would just assume it's part of the normal vibrations of a running engine, it's only noticible because it's intermittent.
See if the shudder remains after turning the AC off. Hint: make sure the coolbox is off too, otherwise the compressor will keep cycling.

Also check to see if your ventilated seats are on.. mine introduces some mild vibrations into the driver's seat.
Check all the fan blades closely if you haven’t. I had a chipped blade that caused a very slight vibration at idle.
Maybe it's the air-cooled seats kicking on when in auto.

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