Very handy for working on the 80

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that actually looks fairly functional and something that would help me out thanks for sharing.
No more launching milk crates across the shop, and bashing my face on the valve cover!

:D ain't that the truth... BTDT.

I don't think you have to be short to benefit from one of these. Anything around the throttle body is a reach.

livinoffroad, those look stronger than the ones I got.

Hants, now that is neat! Does it still reach good with an ARB winch bumper??
I've got the Slee front bumper (old style) -- works great.

I don't know how I would have replaced my EGR without it! :)

You can adjust the height and angle... and the legs are angled apart enough to fit around my 33's. Highly recommended. :)
^ :D Im going to order it, but im wondering the weight 75Lbs so how much the shipping cost gonna be?

LX Extreme, Northern Tool sometimes have free shipping specials - I got a 200lb item shipped free a while back!:) If you can wait a while, sign up for their email specials and then wait for a free shipping special?
I saw one of those wheel steps at an auto parts store and got one...but for another use. The step had jagged holes cut into the metal for grip. I thought they'd be great for tossing under a stuck tire to help for traction. They're small enough to toss in my recovery bag but I'm not sure they're long enough to be of any use though (like a sand mat). Problem, is, I haven't gotten stuck with my new cruiser yet to try them out. Guess I need to try harder.

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