For Sale Very Complete 1981 2F Engine- Santa Cruz CA

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Nov 19, 2003
Livermore, CA
United States
For Sale: a very complete 1981 FJ-60 2F.

UPDATE 8/6/2013:

I went to run a compression check today, and found that water leaked into the #1 cyl while the engine was sitting. The engine still turns over, but I'm unaware of what damage may have happened to the engine.

Unless someone wants it complete, I will be parting it out.

Tell me what your looking for, and I will give you a price.


History: I bought a complete 1981 Fj60 in a few years back to use the drivetrain in my '71 FJ40 Project. I scrapped what I didn't need, but kept the drivetrain. Then, I bought a 3fe to use in the '40.

Looking to sell the 2f. I don't have any history on the truck, and I didn't try to start it before I parted out the '60. The last owner said the truck 'was my wife's daily driver and ran when parked' so I'm assuming it will need at least minor work. Only known issue is a hole in the oil pan from transport. Selling complete. Only things that will be removed (from the picture) are the trans/tc, frame rails, steering box and motor mounts. Starter and alternator are also included.

Asking $400/obo

Will part out if no one is interested in it complete.

Located in Scotts Valley, CA.

Photo Jul 27, 10 18 50 AM.jpg

Photo Jul 27, 10 18 43 AM.jpg
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I'm also interested in trades for parts for my '71 FJ-40. I need:
  • Seat Covers
  • Shocks
  • Hard top parts
  • Fuel Tank
  • 81-83 FJ60 Front Drive Shaft
  • Bikini Top
  • 92-95 4Runner/Pickup Master Cyl & Brake booster
  • 75-80 Fj40 Clutch Master
  • 81-84 FJ60 Clutch Kit
  • 90-97 FJ80 Rear Diff, e-locker or not (will be re-geared)
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Great seller. Best of luck with the sale G.
I went to ran a compression check, and it looks like water somehow got into the #1 cyl.

Unless someone still wants the complete engine, it will now be for sale for parts.
I don't have any steering parts

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