For Sale Very Clean Heavily Built 97 LX450 / 80 series for sale in Dallas

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SOLD-Ebay Auction Ends Today -Clean Heavily Built 97 LX450 /80 series for sale $15.5K

I added the Craigslist Posting here, but am willing to deal on price realistically for anyone from MUD who is serious.



This vehicle has had over $38,000 invested into it. This is one of the best condition, most off-road ready LX450 or Land Cruisers you will see. The truck was fully modified and professionally build for extreme off-road use. However, only made it out three times due to a lack of time of the owner!

The base truck was bought from a single owner in Jan of 2007. It had 117,000 miles on it at the time. Only 5,000 miles has been put on since. And most of those were after the truck was modified. The truck had been under warranty previously and always serviced at Sewell Lexus. I have the full maintenance records from when it was serviced. The truck was babied and well taken care of. It has always been kept in a garage and is a Texas truck with no rust.

When I got the truck, full maintenance was completed using all Amsoil products, changing out every hose, belt and part that routinely breaks with age, and many other items you can read below. There are simply too many to list except in the excel format you can see. The truck was then lifted using expensive imported products and put on 35" Toyo tires with almost zero wear on them. There is a great deal of armor on the truck for rock protection. I have used best of breed from each manufacturer. Some of these items would take one year plus to even order today. There are NO dents in them or the truck. A new marine grade battery was installed last week, the truck has a 12,000 LB winch with synthetic rope and a wireless remote control. There is a dual radio / CB system in place and many other modifications. For the whole list see below, but in essence if something could have been done to improve this truck it was done.

The third row seat and second row seats were removed and a custom sleeping deck built with a massive amount of storage. Expensive slide out African Outback drawers were put in the rear. Neither these nor the deck rattle. There is also lift up storage for tools and side opening storage for spare parts. Functionally, this works great. I also still have the second row seats if you ever want to reinstall them. The truck has the original front and rear lockers and a locking center differential feature. Snorkel is properly installed for water use, and the vehicle has had other water proofing mods made as well.

Finally, the vehicle itself looks and runs great. The paint is in very good condition. There are no dents. The AC is cold, the vehicle drives straight, and the acceleration is good for a truck with this much armor. The Lexus sound system sounds great, all the power window and doors work, I have all three original keys and the keyless remote entry. It has all of the Lexus features and the sunroof also works well too. It gets a ton of looks driving around Dallas alone. It's being sold simply because I have not had time to use it.

A lot of time and work was put into the project. Butch Baker of Baker Tire, one of the primary Land Cruiser specialists in the area did most of the complicated work like the 4.88 gear install. Please ask questions if you are serious and have any!

For full photos of the truck see:

List of modifications and service I had done is below:


5 TOYO OPEN COUNTRY M/T 315/75R16 Tires (35") $1,250.00
Hanna Quality Rear Bumper / Dual Swingouts $1,500.00
ARB Deluxe Front Bumper $799.00
Warn M12000 Winch $1,085.00
Remote control for winch (wireless system) $100.00
Synthetic Cable for Winch 3/8" 125' $295.00
Slee aluminum Hawes Fairlead $48.00
Metal Tech Sliders with Cat Protections $900.00
African Outback Touring Drawers $885.00
Safari Snorkle $350.00
Reider Racing 4.88 gearing kit $577.00
Old Man Emu Competition 4" Coils model #409 (front) $228.00
Old Man Emu J Sprins #863j (rear) $200.00
2 x 60018 Nitrocharger Sport Shocks - Old Man Emu $200.00
2 x 60020 Nitrocharger Sport Shocks - Old Man Emu $200.00
1 x SD24 Steering Damper - Old Man Emu $50.00
Slee Caster correction kit $100.00
Slee offroad rear locker guard $59.00
Slee offroad front adjustable panhard rod $199.00
Slee offroad rear adjustable panhard rod $199.00
Slee offroad 2" front swaybar drop brackets $41.00
Slee offroad 2" rear swaybar drop brackets $51.00
Slee Offroad 2" bumpstop rear drop blocks $41.00
Toyoto OEM Hand Throttle $51.00
Slee Offroad AC Dryer Skid Plate $89.00
Slee Offroad stainless steek brakeline kit $99.00
Highlift Extreme 60 inch jack $102.00
C18WXSTII CB Radio and Quick Disconnect Antenna $99.00
Kenwood KDC 135 CD Player/Radio $195.00
Toyota Japan OEM cup holder $62.00
Pin7 Mod $-
Sears Marine Battery, Platinum PM-1 - Group Size 31M $239.00
George's LED dome lights (2) $63.00
LED Door Lights $20.00
U Joint Drive shafts / front and rear $50.00
CO2 Bottle $30.00
Land Tank's MAF Housing Upgrade with Camry Sensor $350.00
Materials for rear deck $200.00
Iron Pig Skid Plate $345.00
Slee Center Diff Lock Switch $58.00
Housing for Dual Battery installed $100.00
Slee transfer case skid plate $139.00
Front Diff Guard $75.00
Battery cut off switch $15.00
Many more small mods. . .


Spare used Hub, Spindle, Birfield for emergencies $195.00
Used front drive shaft $50.00
User front axles $40.00
Spare belts, other items


Changed oil to synthetic (Amsoil)
Front/Rear differential fluid exchange (after new gears) Amsoil
Transfer Case fluid exchange (Amsoil)
Power steering flush
Coolant flush
Brake fluid exchange

Maintenance Items / Provide Tuneup
New spark plugs, wires, rotor, dis cap
Replace PCV and Grommet
Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter
Replaced all the three belts
PKK Heater Hose replacement kit (blue silicon), all other hoses replaced too!
Install New Starter contacts
Installed New brake pads (100 up front, 80 in rear) + new rotors
Installed New Water pump
Installed New Thermostat
Installed new fan clutch
Almost all new seals, grommets, o-riungs, etc
Many other small parts and service work

Total Parts and Labor of all install / Service $10,500.00

Total Major Mods and Repairs $22,523.00
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Indeed very nice truck but 24995$:eek:
Decided to move this to ebay

I opened up an ebay auction for the vehicle to move this more quickly...

Lexus : LX | eBay

Would love to sell this to someone on the board!
Here's the ad. Thought this would help everyone out. GL with your sale.

Here's the link and here's the ad. Lexus : LX | eBay

Someone got a steal of a price locally right before the Ebay listing closed.

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