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Nov 19, 2003
Along with all of the parts that we sell.

We also do repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Listed below is a general guideline of charges. Each project is unique and tailored to each vehicle.

Front axle knuckle & brake rebuilds, using only Japanese Bearings, Toyota knuckle seals, Marlin Eco Seals, AAA Birfield Joints, rebuilt calipers, brand new rotors:
80 Series = $1000
40-45-55-60-62 Series = $900

5 speed H55F conversions, including New Toyota 5 spd, new clutch, all shifters, transfer case and stock ebrake conversion kit:
40/45/55 series = $5,200
60 series and 62 series, all years including auto to manual swaps package deal at $4400 installed.

3F Fuel Injected engine conversions:
All through 1992 starting at $3500 installed.

Diesel Swaps:
Starting at $4500 installed.

We also do restoration services.

One plus to working with us is the fact that we work directly with parts manufactures, suppliers and our huge inventory of parts to get your job done right the first time. We are usually booked up. So, plan your projects early.

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