Vehicle inspection companies

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Dec 19, 2017
Oceanside, CA
I'm in California and interested in an LX470 in Florida. Can you guys recommend a good car inspection company? Thanks in advance for your help.
If you can get the seller to bring the vehicle to a mechanic for inspection, I've got two great mechanics in the Tampa Bay area that I can personally recommend that I've used for the past 15+ years. I'll private message you the details. They aren't inspection companies, but they're honest mechanics that will be able to tell you if the vehicle is in sound mechanical shape.

If you're looking for inspections as far as the paint, interior, smell, ride, etc... you may have to find that elsewhere. The pictures should be able to give you a good idea of the paint & interior if you can get your seller to send you high resolution images. As far as the odor & drive goes... those are always subjective. I think you'd be best off trying to find somebody on here that owns an LX 470 that wouldn't mind inspecting the vehicle for you. I live in the Tampa Bay area, so if it's within 30 minutes, I wouldn't mind going to check it out for you.

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