vehicle dolly question

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May 10, 2004
Who has experience with these? I was looking at some economy ones (thin sheet metal) and also the product that tire skate puts out (Nice but $$). I am also thinking I could probably make something that does the same thing ( strong and affordable, plus I get to practice my welding)

Like many of you I have a two car garage with stuff all around the perimeter. So space is a premium. When projects take a bit longer than expected it would be nice to just push the cruiser back into its place and clean up a bit so the other half can park their car in the garage then pull it out again when time permits.

If anyone has fabricated thier own that works well could you send me a pic of it or describe it so I can pay the highest complement by copying your idea or modifying it some.

largenfirm said:
I've seen some fabricated from 2x4's and inline skate wheels, so it's in the realm of DIY projects.

They worked as well as commercial products.

Harbor Fright has some, too:

No experience with them.


I just got a set of those last week. I won't say they suck but they were less than impressive. Placed a race car on them that only weighs 2200# and have to use a huge force to move the car.

Making some might be better.
If you build your own use a good size castor like a 3 or 4 inch. Don't go cheap on the wheels and it will be easier to move.
Worked at a boat dealer that used something like that when we didn't have a trailer for a boat. They were sold by a company called yard arm. Then my boss built a second set using 2x2x1/8" tube and 1000lb castors. Two guys could easily move and control a 6,000 lb 30' boat on the smooth concrete inside, but it was harder outside, and although we never dropped one I was always nervouse because they were both on the centerline of the boat.
Hey don't knock the magic slide discs. Used them to push an engine rebuild project accross some new white carpet into the kitchen so I could wash some parts. LOL

Im leaning towards building my own the more I think about it. I have to price out the pieces and different designs. Once I get er done Ill post some pictures and specs so everyone can benefit.

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