For Sale Various FJ40 Parts in Milwaukee, WI

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May 17, 2015
United States
I am getting ready to move and need to get rid of some FJ40 parts ASAP. I have the following:

driver/pass doors without top window frame and rust in the bottom (would be good for making a set of half doors)
A hood that has some damage in the driver side corner from a role over
A grill that also has damage from a roll over
A fiberglass roof section without the metal flange
Some extra ambulance Doors that have some rust in the lower sections

I just need these parts gone. Free to the first person to come pick them up.

I am just outside of Milwaukee in Whitefish Bay, WI.
I wish i could, but I'm moving out of my house and I just don't have the time to ship. So sorry.

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