Vapor lock? Bad fuel pump?

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Oct 29, 2008
First let me preface this by stating what will become the obvious - I am not a mechanic. I love to take things apart and tinker with them and figure out how they go back together, but further than that, I need basic details. I have been surfing and reading for over a year now when I bought my 79 FJ40 in Dec of 2007. Ran great, looked ok. Then I found an incredible red 1976 that i could not ignore and traded the guy for it. It runs great, looks incredible and I love it. However just this week I have been having some issues with it stalling out for about ten minutes after getting her cranked. Once she's running no problem - but for the first ten minutes or so if I am not giving it throttle it just sputters and dies. A little additional info, this didnt happen until I filled up earlier this week. I dont think it could be bad gas because she runs fine after a while. I was thinking either vapor lock or maybe a bad fuel pump? Any ideas?
I lean towards vapor lock because bad gas, clogged filter, or bad pump would not let the engine run good SOMETIMES??? Vapor lock occurs between tank and pump, consequently bad pump does not cause vapor lock, the pump is after-the-fact. Many like to run an electric pump near the tank to deminish the real estate where vapor lock can occur.
Howdy! Sound to me like the choke has become is not working. Iven in moderate temperatures, the choke does activate part way to richen up the idle mix. As it warms up, the problem goes away. Check vacuum lines and stuck linkage. John

I have a manual choke and am happy about that! I am not sure how many different kinds of chokes of the FJs over the years but I think if I remember right it is an electric choke, right?

If I am remembering correctly it is timed rather than working off of engine heat--so you can just turn on the ignition and watch for the butterfly to open over time

or your wire may have come off but I cant remember but I would guess it is powered closed and then drops voltage as it opens

On some ignitions it is not good to sit with the key on without it running

I might be remembering a weber carb thing, not sure but have a look and see which kinda choke you have and if it is working

If you have a stock exhaust there is also a heat riser in the manifold that may be stuck it heats up the bottom of the manifold but I would think that is more for freezing weather then the prob you are having

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