SOLD Vancouver BC: HDJ100, 1hd-FTE Diesel, LHD 5 speed (1 Viewer)

May 25, 2005
North Shore
Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
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2000 land cruiser. Left hand drive Unicorn.

Diesel 24 valve EFI 1hd-fte motor. All OEM, not a swap.

131,000kms/81,000 miles.

5 speed manual trans.

AHC adjustable height suspension.

Heated leather seats and wood trim. Memory seats, electric tilt (Lexus spec interior), Interior is in nice shape, no rips or tears.

No sunroof to worry about.

Drives great: tonnes of torque yet fairly quiet, smooth.

Underside has typical surface rust, not serious. Frame in great shape.

Fresh oil change, fuel filter, K&N air filter.

Bought from an elderly German (1st owner) who imported it in 2017.

Extremely rare opportunity for a diesel 5 speed 100 series that’s not common even in Europe, where they are on sale for 28,000-39,000 Euros (, look it up.

Having owned many other diesel cruisers I’m very impressed with the smoothness and lack of smoke from this motor. Must be the EFI.

I’m pricing this one below some V8’s on the market with many more miles. Cost to import this configuration from Europe (if you can find one) would be considerably more. This truck is not mint but in good condition overall and considering the rarity and low miles I’m pricing it accordingly. All systems are go on this truck and you can enjoy it as is.

Needs: (1) front CV boot.
Can use:
Rear hatch handle mech needs replacing. The hatch also has rust on the lower seam, as seen on some 100's.
Rear sway bar link.
Rear locker blinks but does not engage :( - probably hasn't been used much.
Rear bumper is ugly.

Serious enquiries only, if you are unsure of what this is and its rarity, it’s probably not the right truck for you.
Due to covid, test drives for serious buyers only.
I'm happy to answer questions via PM and I will get some underside pics and vids in the next day or two when it stops raining :)
Asking $24,500 USD






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May 25, 2005
North Shore
If there were an issue with the drivetrain I would have disclosed it in my ad, I've been here a while.
The timing control valve was shot when I bought it, solved that (first mechanic could not diagnose, second one helped me solve it). Ran like a top a month ago.

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