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Jul 11, 2003
:D Thought we'd make ya'll a little jealous...Hltoppr and I are headed out for two weeks down the Baja penninsula. :flipoff2:

We'll post some pics when we get back!

Skeddy & H
Have fun guys.

One of the more amazing surprises is the abundance of internet cafes where you least expect them. So give us some updates...

I lived in the Baja for 6 months. You guys are going to have a great time! I lived in a the small town of Vicente Guerrero, about 300km south of Ensanada. FYI, do not leave your trucks for a second in that town. I got a blazer stolen outside the police station!!! Not kidding, Take the Club and never leave your trucks too far out of sight.

Yaking in the Sea of Cortez will be sweet. I spent a week crashed on random beaches. Very remote and you won't find many internet cafes down there. Definately have the fish tacos from the little stands along the street. Hold the cabbage as its washed in thier water.

Man you guys are making miss the old days. Oh to be 22 and a vagabond again. Growing up sucks!!!! Be safe!
ditto on the advice from drohwedder

Nothing like a local street fish taco!!! :D :D Becarefull with everything on the rigs, anything that can be removed, will be.
Hope you two [glow=red,2,300]ugly[/glow] mofo's have a great time! :cheers:

Make sure to take lots of pics and post them :D

good luck,
Joe M
Only two words come to mind...
Total Jealousy!
Just south of Ensinada is LaBufidora where we stayed the night on "nude beach". It was $5.00 to camp but you drive down a road you know no one else would drive down(cliffhanger). Incredible diving spot and kayake spot.
Have a blast!
Vamanos Amigos :D
Take as many pics and as much video as possible.
I look back on old trips and wish I would have more of each.
Good luck :cheers:

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