Valvoline Maxlife ATF -- 1999 Model Transmission


Feb 1, 2020
Sorry for reviving some old posts. New owner and member here. I'm hoping other members may find this helpful when using the site search engine for older DEX III spec transmissions.
I decided to start the drain and fill process for the Transmission. I used the Valvoline Maxlife ATF Dex/Mer. I reviewed the FAQ and couldn't find any references to this fluid. Any experience/objection to the Maxlife?? Thought it would be good for the seals etc.

PI Sheets
I've been using Maxlife ATF Dex/Merc (red/bottle) in my 1999 Tacoma with great success. I plan to use it in my 1999 model Lexus LX 470 that I recently purchased. Both 1999 Tacoma and 1999 LX470 call for DEX III.

Why mess with success?

That's what I've been using since I got my rig :)

I drain/refill every other oil change (about 6 weeks), but I'll be changing the filter for the first time next week (210,xxx miles right now)
When I buy a new to me used vehicle, I do 4 drain and refill swaps at frequent intervals (usually monthly) in the beginning. Then I drain and refill every other oil change that amounts to 7,500 miles. It keeps the fluid looking like new and the old transmissions happy.

I was hoping I hadn't screwed up.. I try to drain and fill every 7,500 miles. It's pretty cheap compared to the other maintenance. Thanks
Same here. Good plan.
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