Valve stem caps

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Jan 19, 2005
Coquitlam, BC
A few people have asked where I got my valve stem caps from. They are "Formed from stainless steel for long life with Kevlar reinforced tethers", so they are attached to the stem (can't loose them).
Anyway, I just remembered where;
Capsure Valve Caps -SALE ITEM at HEDONICS
I have swaped over to Costco ones since are harder to loose since they are green and show up in the dirt and are cheap
And signifies you are running nitrogen in your tires
With all the airing down and up I do - there ain't much left. I read a technical article, which said using 'dry air' has most of the benefits of nitogen.
I thought the benefit of nitrogen was a larger molecular structure, hence, less change in pressure through temperature.
I have the hedonics ones on both trucks and my 15 pass van. They are way cheaper than the other sort, but the rubber ring does on occasion get stuck inside the valve if you over tighten them. Easy enough to pry it out though.

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