Valve Spring replacement tips

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Mar 7, 2013
Golden, CO
We figured out what was making the strange ping / clank noise - one of the valve springs is broken. I guess that can cause quite a racket inside the valve cover!!!
It is the second to last valve from the rear - an intake valve.

I have never replaced a broken valve spring before.

Any tips ??
Anything else I should be looking for or checking out since this has occurred?

Also are there any after market kits available that include springs, gaskets, rods??

8 or the 12 rods show significant pitting so we decided we might as well replace them while we are at it.

Thankfully this happened before I was in the back country.
The best thing to do would be to remove the head and get the whole thing rebuilt. If that is not in the budget, you can do the spring with the head on by getting that cylinder to TDC compression stroke and pressurizing the cylinder with air or by feeding a rope through the plug hole until you can't fit any more in. This will prevent the valve form dropping into the cylinder. I actually did a few springs on a Cruiser head by compressing the springs with the handles of some channel locks (one hand on either side, valve stem in the middle of the handles) while a friend put the keepers on the valve stem. It wasn't particularly graceful, but it worked just fine.

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