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May 13, 2009
would any one know the cold valve clearence for a 1998 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER (UZJ100R-GNPEKW) V8 4.7L 32 valve please :p ( VX EUR RHD 2UZFE ATM 4FC )

I beleave the V8 was in the 100's up untill 2006 ?

I beleave they can be ajusted by hand ?

My tapets sound like a bag of spanner's

Am I goign to be able to save the rocker cover (cylinder head cover ) gasket or should i replace with new one's
They have shims and loud is OK, if they get quiet that is bad that means they are tightening up and you might burn a valve. I've never heard of anyone needing to adjust them with even 300K miles on their engine.
Valve clearance (cold)
Intake 0.15-0.25 mm (.006 - .010 in.)
Exhaust mm (.010 - .014in.)

From 1998 100 FSM EM-5.
Valve clearance (cold)
Intake 0.15-0.25 mm (.006 - .010 in.)
Exhaust mm (.010 - .014in.)

From 1998 100 FSM EM-5.

you ever done your's NMuzj ? you see to have about the same milage (120k )
I haven't even done my Timing belt yet! ;)

It looks to be pretty involved but would probably be a good thing to do in conjunction with the timing belt as most of the access work would be done. Maybe at 180k instead of the the 90k service.

Inspecting the valve clearances is listed in the maintenance section of the FSM rather then repair so it is clear that Toyota recommends it on some kind of schedule. It also lists valve clearance problems as a cause of emissions failures.

These trucks engines have been making it to 200k without but maybe they'll need the clearances checked to go 300k in good working order.

If you do it yourself please write it up.

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