Valve clearance for Man a Fre Rv cam

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May 29, 2008
Boulder County Colorado
Anyone know the correct initial valve clearance for the Man A Fre RV Cam?

Their website says intake .012 Exhaust .014

It makes sense to me to use the standard Toyota recommended
.008 intake and .0012 exhaust.

they sell a new valve spring set with their cam kit and recommend the new settings for the kit.

I purchased the cam alone (no kit) as I had already done the head job including new springs...

This is a rebuild and I want to adjust the valves for initial startup, then readjust after a couple hot'/cold cycles and after headbolt retorque

Just double checking with the MUD guys first.
Those look good to me and are what I recommend with the regrinds I use/sell.

Not to hijack,

Mark, do you different springs with the regrinds from Delta cams. I am using new stock springs with one of there re-grinds.

I have never needed to run anything but stock springs... it is close but they work without bind and hold the valves in excess of 5 grand
all i need :)


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