Value on 73 stock/resto?

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Sep 5, 2008
Incline Village, NV

$65k can buy you a COUPLE of very nice FJ40's off the open market. Or a nice very 40 and a convertible. Or a very nice 40 and a diesel truck and trailer. $65k buys an awful lot.

Just from observing and reading the forum for years, even high dollar builds from big name "reputable" shops come with a multitude of issues and disappointments. There are probably only a handful of boutique shops around the country that truly build you a turn key no-issue truck, but like stated, you aren't paying to have that truck built for under $100k if you are also doing rust removal/bodywork/paint. I'd rather spend less money on a truck knowing I'd have to sort out some issues than spend big money on a truck that still has issues to sort out.

What is your desire and intended use of another FJ40? You had a pretty bad ass crawler FJ40 build going on, is that dead in the water or still moving forward?

I like the patina look personally. If you entertained this '73 for $65k, I would chase after this truck and try to get it for $30k or less. The previous owner was a member here that sold it to the current owner. I've found a soft spot for FST trucks as I've matured.

There is also this super low mileage 1980 from the Landcruiser Museum which is a nice piece.

Obviously if you're looking for a shiny truck that smells like new paint, these wouldn't work for you, but you can get a very nice truck for well under $65k!!!!!

Good luck in the hunt.

My '74 is currently in limbo. All torn down, media blasted , SOA/SR started (needs mods to accomodate the steering arms), PS fab work done, frame treated with chasis saver, and many parts purchased. Shop that was working on it got tired of the constant/inherent problems 40 resto-mods run into and I think the excess 1-off/cutom fab work was killing the shops profitability when compared to straight forward conversions and CNC fab work. I've been talking to another (botique) shop and hope to have them take the project to completion. It will be a heavily modified FJ40 that looks shiny/new.

Like most of us on MUD, I have a real affection for these old trucks, and when I saw this 73, perked my interest to have a stock driver as well as my the 74 is easily another year+ from being "done." I also like FST's, but living in Tahoe thought a HT might be nice for the winter and my 74 is a FST (with the all important drop tailgate). That said, I'd grab another FST, if I found one and use the 200 on bad snow days.

Will keep searching....feel free to post anything in this thread or send me a PM if you know of one out there looking for a new home with a LC nut (and plenty of old spare parts/LC specific tools& manuals).
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After another night of rust removal!
Dec 28, 2006
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They appear to be angled rear bench seats (towards the front). It was just covered in @jomelo 's build in thread, post #271 by @wngrog

Builds - 1972 FJ40 FST Restoration -
That post was pointing out that the seat benches were mistakenly swapped side-for-side during reconstruction.

The angle was incorporated on 9/72 - 9/73 FJ40's to avoid being obstructed by the upgrade to bucket seats. SOR illustrates the proper orientation of the angles.

I know this first hand because my 1/73 has the angles towards the front, and the bench seats can be dropped into place without having to tilt the bucket seat backs out of the way.

So, IMO those bench seats are original equipment for a 1973 FJ40, and this thread is for a 1973 FJ40.

The seats pictured in the thread posted above may be from a 1973 and not original to that truck, but definitely assembled backwards,.

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Aug 17, 2007
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