Value of my 91 FJ80

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Jul 24, 2022
Oxford, Alabama
Trying to figure out a good asking price for my 91 fj80. It's basically all stock with 183k interior is all the same as it came with some wear over the years but in good shape for 30 years. Started replacing the usual items and continuing until it sells or not. Any help would be appreciated. Will post pics soon.
Looks like a nice one, based on the picture!

FJ80s do go for less than FZJ80s, but having one in good shape helps a lot. Hard to say without more details, and it does vary reigon-by-region. But could be anywhere from $8-20k (if it really is baselined).

Some people think the FJ80s are not as good, but I have a mild preference for them, depending on the application.
Like everyone says - it varies from region to region. But Haggerty valuation is:

#1 Concours condition

#2 Excellent condition

#3 Good condition

#4 Fair condition
3k in today's market

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