Value Gear R&P's

Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
I called up Randy's for prices on a new rear R&P (mines shot).
I got $113 for the value gear line and then he said add $10-15 for ring gear bolts and ~40 for a new yoke since often aftermarket gear sets don't fit well with stock yokes. This sounds like pretty good prices since everywhere else I've seen or called wants at least 130 more for just the gears. I realize this is their value gear, but I can live with some noise, I doubt I'll be able to hear it above the TSL roar anyway. What do yall think? I already have a bearing and seal set from SOR.


On the way there
Mar 15, 2003
Sacramento, CA
I'd pony up for a better gear set. The real expense here is the labor so don't cheap out on the gears! At Randy's his house brand (Yukon?? or is that 4wheel parts?) is usualy about $220 and I have heard good things. I used precision gears on my FJ40 and they have done the job well. It's odd though, the gears themselves were made in Italy-go figure. When I regear my 80 (next year?) I may try to get real Toyota gears, but they are pretty spendy.

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