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Apr 16, 2009
I need some help I just bought a 84 fj60 this week and in the first 30 miles it ran fine then it started acting like it was not getting any fuel. I found a split vacuum hose so I replaced it and it was good for about a mile then it started again. I get to 2ed or 3rd gear and then it has this odd out of gas feal. I played with the carb and cleaned it inside and out but it is still acting up. I think there might be a split or hole in another vac line some where. I am planing to just replace all of them as apose to inspecting each one. is this a good idea, how many vac lines am i looking at, has anyone had this issue ?
There are a lot of lines. You will need about 30ft of 3mm silicone or 3.5mm toyota siliconized rubber vacuum lines. Don't use the regular buna rubber stuff. If it's not metric it won't fit right and the buna rubber doesn't stand up to the heat very well. I purcahsed 3mm silicone rubber tubing from McMaster-Carr. Toyota doesn't sell bulk tubing only pre-cut lengths (at least not to me), but if you do a search you will find some part numbers--some lengths are cheaper than others.

You should purchase a 2F emissions manual. This will help you ID the correct installation for the tubing and trouble shoot the complex emissions system. You can purchase the manual for about $15 from toyota (publication # RM36043). Toyota Parts and Service

Here are a couple of links to vacuum tubing schematics.

My truck was missing under load recently. I found a split vaccum line associated with High Altitude Compensation (HAC) system. The split tube was allowing one of the carb circuits to lean out too much. However, you should also check fuel delivery. There is a sight glass on the front of the carb. The fuel level should be in the middle of the glass. You should also replace your fuel filter.

Good Luck.

edit: There are some more 3mm vacuum lines associated with the A/C system, shown on page two of the attachment below. There are also some lines that are larger diamter than the 3mm. On the attached drawing below, all the 3mm lines are shown with both a part number and a length (e.g. L=140, for 140mm lenght). Vacuum lines with just a part number but no lenght are larger than 3mm. I don't remember the sizes, but you might be able to find them through a search. I recently tried to order these larger lines from Toyota some were no longer available. I'm still waiting for delivery...

Also attached is a table I put together for the 3mm tubing. I shows how many of which lengths tubing you need. For example you will need eight pieces each 50mm long, two pieces 70mm long, etc. I'm not sure how helpful this will be. It might be easier to cut the pieces as you go. If you total them all up, it equals 8510mm or 28ft total.
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Change your fuel filter.

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