Vacuume Advance or retard not workingon 65'40

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Nov 14, 2008
Middle, GA
Found out from sor that the distributor I have is an AC Delco model that supposedly works with the Rochester carb I have. Had a skip and by just trying to eliminate the variables, took off the line running from the VA and it smoothed out???? Put it back on and it started skipping again when revved up.

Anyone have this similar setup or know anything about VA or VR and how to tell if it is working properly? Dont know how to tell the difference? It is facing toward the front bumber if that helps. Thanks Ben
Delco w/ advance? Wouldn't say impossible, just not likely.

Red-clay colored dizzy cap, or black? How big across the cap?

A pic would help.
You could answer Marks questions, or you could throw away your 26 degree mechanical advance dizzy and get a significantly better 32 degree dizzy. Any questions, PM me!!

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