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Sep 4, 2020
Brunei Darussalam
I'm adding AC to a 1989 BJ60 which never had it. I've found pretty much every piece I need, one of the last things is the VSV for the idle up.

This valve is closed at rest, when the AC amplifier activates the compressor clutch, the VSV opens to give vacuum to the diaphragm on the back of the rotary pump and bring forward the idle stop.

In short, the valve is closed at rest and opens when current is applied.

I've managed to find a NOS valve with the correct connector for my engine loom. It's for a 1980s Hiace and was intended to be the distributor advance VSV.

I'm not familiar with carburettored petrol engines so want to check. Will this timing advance valve be closed at rest? I imagine that it's for some choke or emission control which advances the timing during cold start, but that's a pure guess.

Appreciate your knowledge if you're familiar with the old distributor advance! The original VSVs for 60 series cruisers are long out of production and this one looks period, has the correct connector and is also cheaper than a new valve from Toyota which would require a connector swap.



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