Vacuum Shifter Conversion

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Feb 25, 2002
What parts do I need to convert from a vacuum shift t-case to a mechanical shift t-case? I found a conversion kit at Man-A-Fre but they want big $$$$'s. The case that I am building is out of a '70. I do have a complete case from a '78 including all of the mechanical shifter parts. Will the unit from my '78 fit into the nose cone of the '70 t-case?

All you need to do is remove the 4 bolts that hold the slide fork on the side of the nose cone and swap parts over. Should be just that easy. Option 2 is to just swap nose cones, since they interchange. You'll need to swap front d-shaft flanges then too, bolt patterns are not the same.
I thought it might work but needed some confirmation. I checked out SOR and they show two different part numbers for that piece. One is for a three speed and the other is for a four speed. Thanks a lot. One more project to start.
hey i did the conversion on a threespeed with a 3 speed tranny i had to make a bracut to move the shifter foward but you wonlt have to if you run a four speed tranny. you will; also have to put the high low selector swich in the top cover from the four speed into the 3 speed case because the clocking is diffrent. if you need to see one you can look at mine. i would kinda like to see your york compreser bracket.

p.s. do you know when the trails arround red mountian open up?

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