Vacuum Line Question (with pic)

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Apr 9, 2009
Portland, Oregon
Can anyone tell me where this one goes? I've looked for a bit but can't find the proper hook up. It looks like it need to go to 2 places.






My 60 is having hard starts but runs fine once warmed up. I did the plugs, rotor, cap, plug wires and air filter. I'm thinking fuel filter will today. Hopefully this vac line getting squared away will help.

Also, the 5/32" tubing I used fits tight, but the next size up does not feel tight on the larger fittings. Should I use hose clamps to ensure they stay in place?

Thank you,

If you have an OEM distributor cap (looks like you do) then you should have one small hose connecting the small nipple on the dizzy cover with the nipple on the top of the air cleaner. The larger nipple on the dizzy gets connected to a nipple on the firewall (which has a small filter mounted on the cab side of the firewall) This set up permits "dry" are from the cabin to be drawn throught he dizzy and into the air cleaner. Get rid of the other junk.
Thank you guys. I friend of mine came by and found the problem. The line basically runs back into itself which is why I couldn't' find a stranded nipple somewhere.

He thought the rough running issues were due to the carb starting empty. Which leads him to believe there is a leak which I'll be searching for later.

I also made the mistake of getting standard size hose for the large stuff and not metric which explains why some hoses are not tight. Time to head back to the auto parts store.

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