Vacuum advance dizzy in my 72???

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May 18, 2011
Gilbert, AZ
Bought a vacuum advance distributor a few years back for my 77 FJ40. Runs fine in there.

I'm upgrading the 77 to an FJ 60 distributor.

Will the vacuum advance distributor plug in and run in April 1972 Fj40? Stock everything. It has a stock carburetor.

Here is the link to the vacuum advance one I bought from specter.

Part number is 022-01a-u

Sure, it will run fine. Hard part, sometimes, is finding a correct vacuum source for the advance...
The 1972 OEM carb/intake setup did not have the proper vacuum signal to work right with a vacuum advance dizzy. I had to change carbs to make my Non-USA dizzy work right.
You really have a Jollibee as your avatar ?

I like their Halo Halo, though ... :D

Is there a vac advance port on the carb base? I don't see one in the SOR pix of your carb, if it's stock. It can be installed when rebuilt, though.
You really have a Jollibee as your avatar ?

I like their Halo Halo, though ... :D

Didn't think anyone would notice or recognize the Avatar.., I served two years in Manila once upon a time.

Do I need the Whole throttle body with vacuum port, or will a carb base spacer thingy with a port work?
Here's my carb, might be a '73 model carb.
I also have the carb spacer that has a port in it if that will work??
I don't see one in the pix -

From SOR, you can buy a throttle body with one already machined in, but it's like $300 IIRC, and for that, you can get the carb rebuilt by Mark A. or Jim C. and they'll install the port at the same time. There are some threads on it if you wanna attempt it yourself, but I know Mark A has a jig set up to do it routinely, on his rebuilds.

I don't know those carbs well enough to say whether that capped port in the 3rd pic is ported or not (I'm guessing, no if it's like my 4/74), but it's easy enough to tell by just putting a vac gauge on it and see if the vac increases as the throttle opens.

Or you can buy a Trollhole carb...

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