Vaccum where for A/C high idle

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Jul 12, 2005
Rio Verde Foothills
Hello all you 60 guys. For the life of me, I just put to gether a 86 60 2f. The one vacuum line I could not find the hook up for is the A/C high idle line to provide vacuum to the VSV.
I looked in the 2/f manual in AC stuff, The emission Manual for info and on the vacuum diagram for the truck on the inner fender. The diagram just show the High idle diaphram and a note that state hooks to intake manifold.
I even tried advanced search before comeing to create a thread.

So I will admit that I did not take a pick of stuff as I took it off:doh:, but I figured I had the Factory service manual(like 4 of them) to help me out.
So if any one has a answer, thanks in advance.
here's the schematic. The finned connector screws into the top of the intake manifold near the firewall. On the schematic, where the plug is shown, this is where the brake booster connects. If your truck was originally non-AC, you may not have the ac idle up branch on the the connector. if not, you could probably Tee off any of the three manifold connection ports on the intake manifold in front of the caruburetor.
ac idle up.JPG
Thank you very much. I know where to stick it now.

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