Vaccum tool for testing EGR?

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Jan 6, 2006
Eugene, OR
Hello, can anyone give me the vaccum tool part # from a '96 FSM for testing the EGR system?
Here's two from Sears #1 and #2. There were more at Sears but these looked the most promising.
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I have one similar to number 1 and it is easier to pull the hose off at an idle and suck on it .. if the valve opens the motor dies... the only reason for the gauge is to test the switching valve...

Both of mine have had egr issues and it was tubing being cloged with carbon and never having the throtle body cleaned properly... too much mall crawling and not enough freeway....

On my 94 I pulled the valve to clean both the feed tube and the intake side.. the intake side was completely cloged... PITA..

On the 97 I just pulled the temp sensor, threw a rag in the throttle body and sprayed carb cleaner in... then compressed air... you will be supprized what comes out on the rag... make sure the rag is big enough to catch all the it doesn't go down the intake...

Good luck... this is a common problem if you to some searches I am sure you will find more info similar...

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