Vaccum brake booster

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Feb 12, 2015
Evidently I need one of these in the Lx 450....has anyone replaced one? How hard is it? Very expensive.
Welcome to Mud. What problems are you having with your brakes?
Just replaced mine on my 96 LC with a NAPA one. It came with a Bosch sticker on it....under $200. I had to raise the engine on the drivers side about 1/2 inch to install the booster. Not a bad job at all.
My original wouldn't hold vacuum when you shut the engine off...turn off engine, pedal shot back up. New booster and I have brakes!
And yes, 99% of the time I but OEM parts. $200 from NAPA or $500 from Toyota, you do the math.
I ordered one online from partsgeek in 2012. It is the only non OEM part under my hood. I was tight on funds. Just checked and it was $175 with a $40 core so it cost me $135+tax. Took about 30 min to swap it out. If that.
LS1FJ40, the OP has a LX450 with the 1FZ-FE engine. His will definitely be more difficult than changing out the one on your 3FE. BTW, you got a great deal on your booster. About a month ago, I had to get one for my son's 92 and as I recall it was around 230.00. The worst part it lasted about 10 days. Ordered another under the lifetime warranty and installed X2.
Ah yes, one more reason I love my tractor motor!! :)

Sucks you had to do it twice on your sons truck. You should just give his truck to me! :)
Welcome to Mud. What problems are you having with your brakes?
Thanks.....been a long time lurker and finally pulled the pin and bought one.....pretty sweet lockers for me, but nice rig with low miles and cheap, so what can you do......All new brakes and master cylinder....but the pedal still goes week every now and again....not all the way down, but not what the normal pedal feel should be.....
I replaced mine about a year and a half ago ($180 at O'reilly's, with core). It failed all the troubleshooting test. For me the hardest part was getting the new booster studs through the firewall. There's a bracket under the dash that goes down to the firewall and if that isn't loosened up you'll have a very difficult time getting the new booster through the firewall. Everything else was easy.

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