Vaccine, I've never get any vaccine.

May 14, 2016
Take Ivermectin. Take Hydroxychloriquine. Drink Lysol, sort of a cleansing. Shine a bright light on yourself. Stick a 300 watt light bulb up your ass. Die if you must. I really don’t care any longer.

But, don’t come around me without a mask on your face, especially if you refuse a vaccine that has saved millions of lives. A vaccine that your God used to take credit for, but now, even though he took it, says you shouldn’t.

What the f*** does it hurt to take a vaccine that hasn’t killed or truly damaged anyone.

You people are ridiculous and I’m sincerely glad to be out of the TLC world and to leave y’all behind.

Be brave, it’s just a little needle. Y’all are Vets, you’ve had vaccinations before. Grow up!!

@120mm… remember this?

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I don’t know how you can say my statement is demonstrably false. After all, the statement you referenced is my assertion that I was directing comments at a specific group. Looks like you got your panties in a twist and came up short in explaining your attack. I know you can read, try reading a bit of truth and less bulls***.


Here’s an idea, quit and you won’t have to abide by an employer’s rules anymore.


Why do you ONLY appear when there’s a gang rape going on? You’ve never had a cogent thought of your own.

All you a****** buddies can now slam me with your far-right, qanon, bull s***. I don’t care. I have no vested interest in The Veterans Highway. Especially since it’s obviously become a forum for people I can no longer respect.

I have no TLC, I have no need for MUD and I have no need for any of you.

May your lives be full of conspiracies. May your insurrection attempts continue to fail. May you one day wake up to what you’ve thrown away. May your future happiness be tied directly to your many failures.

I won’t be on here again.

Sayonara Motherfuckers.
Didn't you say many times before "Sayonara" to MUD people ?
Jan 12, 2015
Clarksville, Tennessee
Well, that's sad.

But for whatever its worth, the vaccine doesn't stop the spread of the vaccine. At most, it can inhibit the development of COVID in your body and decrease its effect on you.

Currently around 55% of new cases are so-called "breakthrough" cases of already vaccinated people.

And no, none of the vaccines have been subjected to long term studies of any kind of scientific significant. None of them are FDA approved, and many of them are running into issues as we get deeper into the experience.

And yes, the vaccine has killed and harmed people, but the MSM and Big Tech has effectively censored this information. I know, personally, three people who have been harmed; all three permanently. Two heart issues and a brain embolism.

Personally, I took the jab, because I have a really robust system and tolerate both illness and vaccines really well. I didn't see any downside to it.

As far as the Ivermectin thing, that's yet another bunch of fake b.s. news. People are NOT taking horse medicine in great numbers, and actual journalists have followed up on MSM claims being repeated on it and found it to be untrue.

Personally, I avoid getting my information from one source. Especially a source driven by the MSM. The same MSM that has trumpeted Russiagate for 4 years.

My #1 favorite source is this guy:

Dr. John Campbell is utterly apolitical. He's also wrong from time to time and is pretty rabid about admitting it when he is.
Oct 14, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA
My Company is a mid sized defense contractor and just told us that we all have to be vaccinated by Dec 8th or we'll be let go. I am not anti vaccines, but I am anti mandate. Government should not be allowed to dictate medical decisions. In this case, there are a few too many fishy things going on for me to take anything at face value. Being youngish and in decent shape, I haven't been worrying about Covid, but I can't afford to quit right now, and most other jobs I could get on short notice are also connected to the DOD in some way. In any case, it looks like I'll be getting the Jab..... Meh.

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