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Dec 2, 2004
Garden Valley, CA
I'm about done with all my vac hose running. On an earlier thread, I was advised the appprox 3/8" port on the air cleaner hooked to the top of the valve cover. Someone else advised to not do that because it will bring oilly residue into the carb since it is on the intake side of the air cleaner. He advised just putting a K&N filter on the valve cover and plug the port on the air cleaner. I'm running a K&N filter for my air cleaner element anyway, so is it that much oil to begin with?

Does anyone have experiance or thought on this? :meh:

Living in the Past

Apr 21, 2005
Air should be pulled out of your crankcase thru your PCV and routed to below the carb. The vacuum is greater here so to make up for the air lose clean air is pulled from the air cleaner and drawn thru the engine from the valve cover to the crankcase. PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation.

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