VA4WDA trail ride registration open

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Feb 4, 2005
Richmond, VA
Matzell what do you wheel at oak ridge? I'm always surprised at the amount of hardcore rigs that show up. There didn't seem to be many obstacles that would be any fun in a buggy on 40s...
My front locker was not working last year. I was stopped on several climbs and did not try another. There are a good handful of hard core obstacles. The rest is tight wooded trails. It is a good time to get out, see friends, hang out.

I was in the race car. I did see many trail rigs on 37-40" tires struggle on obstacles. Running one ton axles and 37" DOT tires, many trails are challenging for me. It is cool to see what others do on smaller tires and less vehicle, there is something there for everyone.

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