SOLD VA / Japan 4x4 AHC spacers

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Apr 24, 2012
Virginia Beach, VA
United States
I have a set of new AHC shock spacers. Nothing else included, just the spacers. $100 + shipping. I estimate between $15 and $20 to ship priority mail.
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I'll take them.
Any idea what these run at retail if I wanted to buy some new ones?
Extenders for the AHC shocks if you do a sensor lift.

When I was looking it was right around $190 to get them from Japan.
thank you
I assume these are sold? Does anyone know where i can buy them? Ive been searching for them with no luck at all.....
Yep, they’re sold. They came with an LX that I bought back in July. They guy that I got it from bought them from Japan 4x4. You can buy them, but you need to do the conversion to yen and maybe learn some Japanese. I’ll ask him to help me. He’s Japanese/American, so that helps.

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