SOLD VA: FJ60/FJ62 Mud Flaps CLEAN (2 Viewers)

Feb 28, 2019
I'm selling my 60 series mudflaps, they are all original and have not been restored. They have only surface rust. Some of the metal parts still has black paint on them and the Land Cruiser lettering still has most of the white paint.


As you can see their is no rust of the metal under the rubber.

There is a little bit, of what i assume to be, sap build up on the back side of the rubber. I have not tried to clean them yet but i assume it will come off with a little bit of elbow grease.

Here is a close up on the metal components so you can get a good look at how little rust there actually is.

I'm asking $500 OBO or trade or both. I really need a new steering box, oil pressure sender, oxygen sensors, or anything cool.

I just want to clarify that i know these things go for outrageous number so feel free to make offers, haggle or horse trade with me i wont be offended.

I really am hesitant to let these go since i doubt ill ever be able to get another pair this clean. However, since i need other things for my Cruiser and mine is my DD i just feel it would be best to find them another home.
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