V8 in 80's hilux

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May 4, 2007
I live in Oslo.. the biggest village in Norway
Hey everyone...

i'm dreaming of a 1. gen. Hilux with a V8 engine.. Has anyone got any expirience with concersions like this?

Pictures? adapters? how? why?

a lexus v8 (1UZ) would be cool, keepin it japanese... but i would concider an american V8 too..(if there are any good reasons to use those instead)

As for the legality of this conversion here in norway i believe i have to stay under 220 bhp... and i might use HJ60 brakes if possible.
I want to keep the original axles... the truck will be used for road-driving and soft off-road action... no rock crawling, close to original wheelsize and rideheight..
So.. nothing extreme, just a smooth V8 and auto-trans.
let's hear your expiriences!:bounce:
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I have an '85 with a V8 and Th350..just my experiences...

I am swapping in a 4.3 V6 for the following reasons:

*hard to get adequate cooling on the V8 unless you set it back into the firewall by pounding it back
*the auto TH350 required a 3" body lift to clear
*the 4.3 is more than adequate power which will spare consumables (like birfields for example)
*the V8 is just a damn tight fit

Though I have seen many mini's with V8, I can't justify the trouble fitting/cooling/harnessing the power : ) when a 4.3 V6 is a sweet engine with great power to weight ratio for a Hilux.

Get a newer V6 4.3 Vortec from something '94'ish or newer (i think) astro, safari van, S15/S10 pickup/blazer, etc... 4L60E or 700R4.. get an adapter from Advanced Adapters to the minitruck case, engine mounts, stand alone harness from Howell or other...

my dad got 300K miles from a 4.3 in an astro van...
I have a V8 in my 80 PU 2" body lift to clear a Turbo 400 Dana 20 Tcasecombo and a Ford 9" with Toyota disk brakes. I used a 4 core rad out of a 455 grand prix with no firewall mods but i used all the old short shaft water pump & accesories. I run 2 electric fans one pushing and one pulling.
If you have to keep the horsepower down a 283 would be my Chevy engine choice.
The Toyota V8 would be cool, there were none when i did mine.
Ok so maybe a v6 is a better solution... so if i can get the engine and auto from what car? astro? wich others? what else do i need.... there are adapterkits right?

be managed? I deal with something like
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