v8 conversion

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Sep 4, 2005
hey guys well im not shure if anyone has been keeping up with my updates but well its gonna cost me about $600 for a new head and about $2000 in parts from the dealer to complete it mechanically i have 2 v8's sitting in my backyard i have an lt1 out of a 95 z28 i want to throw in the lt1 but my only problem is with the opti spark im afraid of mudding and water getting on it due to its location i plan to run 33" or 36" tires with an SOA conversion but my main concern is about that opti spark i wanna know your opinions on it...
Don't worry - you could make a shroud/baffle to keep the water away. Besides, a little water shouldn't affect it.
Liberally use dielectric grease on all your connections and you should be fine.

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